Life is full of choices

And some choices are more pleasurable than others.  If you enjoy drinking whisky there are many delicious decisions to be made.  My earliest recollection of whisky consists of pungent straight shots of Canadian Club stealthily removed from adults’ bottles.  The Canadian Club and Maker’s Mark continued into adulthood by way of the very occasional old fashioned cocktail.

I recently decided to explore the world of Scotch whisky to see how it would compare to my favored cocktails.  I now enjoy my whisky straight with some water and savor the smell, taste and finish – finally appreciating whisky for the great drink that it is.

This blog is a humble documentation of my journey into the world of whisky.  It will record tasting notes and travels around the world in search for new whisky flavors.  I hope to also capture the environment and people dedicated to bringing the drink to the masses.

So sit back, pour yourself a glass and enjoy!

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