The “iLounge” Journey Part 2 – Edradour

The first building you encounter at the Edradour Distillery is the Welcome Center and Gift Shop. The large wood panelled hall neatly displays their multi-colored whisky along it’s three sides. After a brief wait we were ushered into a smaller building by the tour guide. Here we watched a video about the distillery and had our first taste of their whisky. One of the visitors was quite adamant that water should not be added to good whisky – to each his own I suppose.

Once the intro video was complete we were brought around to the rest of the buildings that housed the various functions of a working distillery. Even though this was my first distillery visit and not having any other experiences to compare with, the Edradour Distillery had a distinct artisanal feel about it. Clearly their product was not being mass produced here at all! Having said that, the shop manager later informed me that the first container of product was already on it’s way destined for the China market. Talk about a drop in the ocean.

The tour ended at the gift shop where we were allowed to browse their whiskies to our heart’s content. I picked up a whisky finished in Chateauneuf Du Pape Cask aged 13 years for my wife whose favorite color is pink – honest to God. Despite the fact that it had started to rain, I decided to walk back down the hill towards the town as I had noticed a foot path along the adjacent fields on my way to the distillery. The rain started coming down hard half way and I found myself in more terroir then I had bargained for. But the simple natural beauty of everything around me made it all worthwhile.

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