Impressions of Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair

There was a general consensus amongst the exhibitors that the traffic this year was less than in the years before.  However, this gave us a good opportunity to understand more in depth about the individual wineries and their products.

The highlights from the show were as follows (not in any order of importance):

  • Adega de Favaios – Having managed to try all the other port wines at the fair, Favaios are definitely one of the best.  Very easy to drink and full bodied with strong nose and great color.  I can easily have it through out a meal or to be savoured during some good after dinner conversation.  Thanks to Hugo and Manuela for their hospitality!
  • Qunita Vale D’Aldeia – Was able to get to know more about Portugese wine from Luis and Rui.  Their series of red wines were absolutely amazing coming from this relatively new winery comprised of originally 55 separate vineyards.  Located on a large hill gives the wine different grape characteristics from slight variations in altitude.  Will definitely visit this picturesque winery when I am in Portugal.
  • Doolhof Wine Estate – Their “Legend of the Labyrinth” was absolutely stunning especially the “Dark Lady” which had very strong chocolate / cocoa and spicy herb notes.  One of the best Pinotages I tasted at the fair and there were a lot of good ones at the South Africa pavilion.

Will definitely be back again next year and looking forward to keeping in touch with all our new friends in the meantime.

P.S. Found some really awesome olive oil as well:


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